Zebrium Fault Signal Report

Your log file contains events. We found fault signals and metrics embedded in the events.


Event Space

This is the unique fingerprint of your data. It represents some of the patterns we've uncovered in your data.

 High priority fault signals
 Medium priority fault signals
 Events with higher severity
 First occurrence of event types
 Contour lines show event density
 Events with low significance

Fault Signals

These events represent the fault signals we’ve uncovered in your dataset. Mousing over the shaded parts of an event will reveal the variable type uncovered by our structuring engine. The quality of this analysis and our ability to structure the underlying data will improve greatly with larger data set sizes and when data is correlated across different log file types (supported in our full product – see below).

New or Rare Event Event Severity Event Frequency Change Unlikely Correlation Events

Most frequent event types

We used machine learning to discern the structure of each event and then categorized each by event type. Here are 3 of your most frequent event types (as above, mousing over the shaded parts of an event will reveal details about the underlying structure).

Try the full version of our platform (it’s free)

The full version of our platform provides a richer set of capabilities than this report, including rich and customizable visualizations, the ability to create your own fault signatures, correlation across different log file types, full-text search, , real-time alerts, filtering, hiding, highlighting and a navigable event viewer and much more.